Thursday, 1 January 2015

Eyebrows Fail Collection

One of the salient features of your face which can change your look completely, are your eyebrows. 

The Super Straight Look!Want to express your personality with your brows? 
Well, now you can totally do that. Get inspired by this super artistic idea.

Wanna scare your enemies? Show them this picture!I must say its pretty creative. Miss, from where do you get such creepy ideas?

Colourful Eyebrows?Probably the newest trend to embellish your brows. The lady has also kept the matching tradition on and matched her eye shadow completely with her brows.

Like A Cat!May be she has shaped her brows to go with her unconventional Halloween costume idea.

Joint Eyebrow Madness!May be she wants everyone to follow her so good style and we like sarcasm.

Girl, I hope you are alright?After getting this super freaky eyebrow look literally anyone can go nuts. I hope you are doing fine!

A bit too caricaturish!I am sorry girl but it is looking weird!

The Bold LookMay be she got this done to go with her pout!

Thats so unnatural!I am already petrified.

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