Sunday, 28 December 2014

A Picture Can Tell You 1000 Words Who Said That..?? Anyway He Is Right

A beautiful mother and daughter - burned with acid by their father and husband.

All her life she did as told. Was not allowed to play at her free will, was not allowed to go to school, was asked to do the dishes, was asked to marry the man of  their choice and was assaulted every night. But, she was patient and silent. And this is how you repay? World is brutal and this is the ugliest example. But now she will break her silence, for she is powerful, more than ever before.

A Monk and his brother. What A Diversity
While one brother is busy learning values, other is ruining them.

People In a bus try to save a life. She committed suicide with a fruit knife.
Even when the times get rough, it is very important not to lose hope.

A Young and fearless Palestinian girl with a Kalashnikov rifle, amid Islamic Jihad militants in Gaza City. Is This World Going To End.??
Who should have books in their hands now have guns.

A beautiful little girl who survived the Siberian forest by herself for 11 days.
And you say forest is gruesome. There is only one simple rule- Trouble it and it will trouble you back.

A family meal in Siberia.
While you have lunch in your shiny silverware, they don't even have the luxury of a proper meal.

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